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Luxury Villa Outside In by i29 Connects Indoor and Outdoor Space

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„A perfect retreat to spend your time inside and outside.“
Outside In is, at first glance, a project of interesting architecture with its atypically sloping facade. Family villa for a family of 4 designed by i29 and Bedaux de Brouwer radiates immense openness with a touch of luxury. „A sustainable and spacious home that blurs the lines between interior and exterior space.“ The outer shell made of black bricks hides an airy interior that horizontally connects all rooms in the house. The surrounding land blends into the interior through a panorama of glass windows, especially in the living area where the designers created a smaller natural oasis bordered by glass. The outside is thus in a wonderful symbiosis with the inside. The 400 square meter interior consists of a living room, a large kitchen, three main rooms and other functional rooms. Smooth materials, white color and large wooden surfaces that connect the interior are fully unified in a modern and partially minimalist style. „Cabinets, kitchens and furniture are custom designed and made to measure following the architectural layout.“

Floor area: 400 m2
Architecture: i29 and Bedaux de Brouwer
Photography: i29 / Ewout Huibers

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