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Sunny Residence in Soft Design Near Beach by Architect Raulino Silva

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A short walk from the Portuguese beach of Areia, Vila do Conde is a residence that radiates soft design and minimalism at first sight. Areia House by architect Raulino Silva are two stacked volumes with an underground basement entered by stairs through the exterior. The architects designed the lower part of the facade in dark stone, while the upper volume is in a beige shade. „The main entrance to the house, on the East façade, is protected by the patio’s volume, suspended in the same facade.“ In the basement there is a utility room, a wine cellar and a laundry room. The living room with kitchen are stored on the ground floor and the relaxation rooms with study are located in the upper part of the house.
„As the pool is leaning against the annex, the annex wall was extended for the entire length of the pool, hiding the garage gate.“
Wood and soft materials in pale shades of sand are a bit a reflection of the nearby beach. Beige thus looks absolutely modern in this interior, which makes the simplicity of all elements, materials and textures stand out in the whole house where the furniture has its precisely determined place. „The patio, with exterior stairs, allows the lighting and natural ventilation of the space.“

Project area: 290,00 sqm
Location: Areia, Vila do Conde, Portugal
Architect: Raulino Silva
Photography: João Morgado

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