Modern Shell Surrounded by Historic Architecture in Italian Town of Bolzano

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The modern apartment house The Runkelsteiner, built in the Italian city of Bolzano, pleasantly detuned the surroundings where historical architecture predominates. The timeless house in simple lines consists of three stacked volumes with huge terraces embedded in a white facade overlooking the mountainous nature. „The white frames define the different functions of the interior layout and create independent terraces that appear as the continuity of the interior spaces through the frameless glass enclosure„ the architects write. On the edge of the terraces there are vertical aluminum blinds that gently preserve privacy because a large part of the facade is formed by a glass panorama. „The extra-clear glass parapets allow to read the white frames as clean rectangular shapes and grant unobstructed views from the inside.“
The architects designed the three residential units in relatively the same style, where pure white predominates with fine gray furniture and occasional decorations. „Each unit is equipped with a black steel fireplace integrated in the living area millwork system.“
Built Area: 800 square meters. Architecture: JMA: Jacopo Mascheroni (Principal), Diego Magrì (Project Manager). Photography: Jacopo Mascheroni.

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