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Comfortable capsules put you in privacy

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The original design of the award-winning stylish capsules can give you more privacy, even in large noisy spaces. Designer Kateryna Sokolova, created the concept with the idea of intimacy in public. Capsules in which you can comfortably hide and concentrate on your work or make phone calls without interference in places full of people and noise. It is produced in one-seater and two-seater version, made of oak wood, steel frame and upholstered cushions in various unobtrusive colors. Such solutions should be used in all larger spaces, where everyone would definitely like to take a break from the surrounding noise for a short time, and if it’s stylish, why not? No wonder this capsule is so successful, it’s a really great idea and great design in one! Photos below.

Design: Kateryna Sokolova
Manufacturer: CASALA – PALAU

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