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Reconstruction of National Museum of Ceramics Princessehof by i29

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The Dutch Museum of Ceramics Princessehof in Leeuwarden celebrated its 100th birthday by transforming its interior thanks to the architects and designers from studio i29, who are known for their efficient work with a focus on absolute simplicity. Take a look with us at the majestic reconstruction of the 18th century building, which has been transformed into a charming tea house in conjunction with a museum shop and into the modern interior of today’s 21st century. Clean lines with a minimalist touch and vivid pastel colors are located in the front where there is a tea room with a fresh atmosphere. In the back of the building there is a room for exhibitions and expositions, there is also a museum shop in shades of gray together with white shelves where such pieces of art can stand out enough without any disturbing surroundings. A dose of daylight flows into the interior through panoramic windows at the end of one of the two entrances. With the help of designers, the Museum of Ceramics Princessehof becomes a special space for visitors, combining unusual ceramics, minimalist design and a friendly atmosphere in a 1,200-square-meter building.

Design: i29
Photography: Ewout Huibers


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