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Perfectly Lit Loft by i29

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The award-winning design office i29 was commissioned to renovate a former rental apartment with insufficient natural light. The space consists of a lower and upper floor with a total area of 160 square meters, where the client will find a wonderful balance of simplicity and practicality in one. In the lower floor of the loft in the living room, there is integrated furniture that functions as a storage space, a cabinet under the TV and a custom-designed dining area, while the other parts of the furniture stand out in contrast and divide the space. The upper floor consists of a bathroom and two rooms in a neutral color, which optically enlarged the rooms. In the gallery below the article, you will find how designers have effectively and meaningfully transformed the interior into a timeless modern loft with a magical atmosphere.

Design: i29

Sound Sculpture by Arthur Kenzo

Capturing sound waves into physical form. Arthur Kenzo created an original and distinctive project of a miniature musical sculpture, whose task is to capture sound

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