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Smart Projector Inspired by Animated Character of The Minions

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This is probably the craziest smart projector we’ve ever seen. Probably everyone knows who are little yellow animated characters with bulging eyes and strange speech that can make many adults laugh. Stuart, one of them, inspired clever designers who created an intelligent projector in the form of an almost living Minion. From a geometric point of view, it is a cylinder in a deep bright yellow color, where one part is an aluminum mesh. „A yellow dust-proof net is added between the hardware aluminum net and the shell to further protect the intrusion of dust“ Píšu dizajnéri. „The shape uses a geometric cylinder as the basic shape, which combines the most characteristic elements of IP with the core functions of the product, and weakens some of the characteristics of IP elements.“
The one-eyed Minion was probably a better choice for designers, so they could perfectly hide the lens under Stuart’s mask behind the eye, that is, the top of the projector. „The detachable optical-mechanical lens trim is convenient for cleaning the lens, The round frame of the track corresponds to the camera and TOF lens.“ Looking at the eye of the lens, the product appears to be a real living Minion, and maybe one day they will talk to you in their funny speech. The designers, the creators of the project, have created a unique crazy product that will stand out on the shelves of the owners, if, of course, it goes on sale, which we hope for. The package is also in the Minion form as the projector itself, and whether you are a fan of this movie or not, we assume that the design of the intelligent projector brought a smile to your face.
„Single camera and TOF realize face recognition, automatic focusing motor, can keep the picture clear at all times. Relying on the current hardware solution for autofocus, the smart eye protection function is added. The internal use of independent BOX design uses a four-point cantilever to make the sound effect more perfect. 5020 blower, heat conduction system, intelligent control of fan speed, effective control of wind noise and internal temperature.“

Length * width * height: 109*101*174mm
Weight: 690g
Designer: Jerry C, Season Jia, Bowen Yang

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