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Spacious apartment in Kiev

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One of the highest goals in the form of art is to create a beautiful interior design, just like this project designed by the skilful designer Mariya Chmut in the studio ArtPartner Architects. You will find many beautiful projects on their website. The apartment with an area of about 200 square meters is furnished in a minimalist style, but its atmosphere from the photos will definitely make your day. Thanks to the use of pleasant colors and wooden materials, the interior looks very elegant and stylish. The most interesting part of the apartment is definitely the bedroom, where you will find a large beautiful bed with a baldachin for even more pleasant relaxation, when you do not want to get up. Cooking lovers would definitely enjoy the spacious and wonderful looking kitchen with an absolutely specific style, where you can easily invite more friends for lunch. A wonderful project that the designer created and showed her unique talent. Photos below!

Design: Mariya Chmut (ArtPartner Architects)

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