Des Érables Residence or Monochrome Duplex in Montreal

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Take a look with us at the design of a decent interior in a monochrome house with an elegant style. Architectural studio Naturehumaine was involved in the renovation and remodeling of a two-story house in Montreal, where the family awaits the blending of clean materials and the unification of colors with sunlight thanks to huge windows sitting along the length of the building. The center of the interconnection of the house is a staircase, which is covered with plywood with a combination of white-painted perforated steel. This staircase takes you to the upper floor where the rooms, the office or the yoga room are located. In the lower part of the house is a living room and kitchen with dining area open to the terrace with garden. Under the gray facade of the almost glazed cube, the freshness of the white interior is hidden, where the designers have left immense cosiness! Photography: Adrien Williams; General contractor: Jim Farley; Location: Rosemont, Montréal.

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