67mm Variable ND - Phone Filter Bundle

67mm Variable ND - Phone Filter Bundle


The 67mm filter mount is the best way to use a filter over triple-lens camera phones. Unlike other mobile filter solutions that block the mic hole, it actually allows you to use the audio from your phone’s rear-facing microphone while filming. We achieved this by machining a speaker grill into the mount and bonding a sound-permeable membrane to allow audio pass through. For iPhone 14 Pro Series phones we recommend the Snap-On Filter Mount for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Our 67mm Variable ND Filter is available as a 2-5 stop or 6-9 stop, Moment Variable ND filters are the secret sauce to controlling your exposure. Made with premium Schott B270 Pro Cinema Glass, these filters are crisp edge to edge without color fringing or cross-polarization. Made to shoot on the go, the filters also feature hard stops at both ends of the range to prevent unwanted cross-polarization for the cleanest image possible.

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