Smooth 5 Filmmaker Kit

Smooth 5 Filmmaker Kit


Create the ultimate set up for gimbal filmmaking.The Smooth 5 makes cinematic filming with your smartphone possible. The industry standard 3 axis design allows movements in all angles to be amazingly smooth, even in extreme angles. Our CineBloom Diffusion Filters are the secret sauce for capturing dreamy, film-like footage. Escape the clinical, ultra-sharp look of digital with this specialty glass. Available in densities of 10% and 20%, they not only catch and bloom light but soften hard edges and provide a smoothing effect on skin tones, making wrinkles less noticeable. The 67mm filter mount is the best way to use a filter over the triple-lens camera on new devices. Unlike other mobile filter solutions that block the mic hole, it actually allows you to use the audio from your phone’s rear-facing microphone while filming. We achieved this by machining a speaker grill into the mount and bonding a sound permeable membrane to allow audio pass through. Our Universal Counterweight makes your gimbal better. Its adjustable design enables you to perfectly counterbalance and calibrate your case and lens setup. Get ready for ultra flowy shots and smooth cinema videos.

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