Konro Round Grill

Konro Round Grill


Add some flair to your cooking with this Konro round grill from Tokyo Design Studio. As beautiful as it is practical, this grill has ceramic base and simple metal grill surface. Designed to be used with Binchotan charcoal, it will bring Japanese elegance and flavour to any meal. This special charcoal also lets you use it indoors, for even more cooking opportunities. Key features: * Table top grill * Material: ceramic, metal * Dimensions: H11xร˜28cm * Designed to be used with Japanese Binchotan charcoal (not included) * Suitable for indoor use if Binchotan charcoal is used * Ensure proper ventilation before using inside * Hand wash the metal grill * Do not wash the ceramic base * Remove dust and ash with a dry brush only

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