Buckminster Lamp

Buckminster Lamp


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You’ll be utterly mesmerised by this Buckminster lamp from FLYTE. Featuring a magnetic walnut wood base, the Edison style borosilicate glass bulb effortlessly levitates and slowly spins on top to as if by magic. The star shaped filament with seven LEDs will provide a warm, cosy glow wherever it’s placed. How to levitate FLYTE: Gently lower the bulb over the center of the magnetic base. The LEDs will start to light up and you will start to feel an upward resistance. When the bulb is positioned exactly at the center of the base, you will feel a gentle release. The electro-magnets will automatically center the bulb in position. Slowly let go of the bulb and it will lock in position, light up and rotate slowly. Key features: * Levitating light bulb & base * Material: walnut wood, glass * Dimensions: H3xW12.5xD12.5cm * Bulb dimensions: H14xØ7.5cm * Light source: Lumen 60, Kelvin 2700 * 50,000 hour lifespan * Edison style borosilicate glass bulb * 7 LED star shaped filament * Electro-magnets in the base make the light bulb levitate * Lightbulb floats & slowly spins on the magnetic walnut wood base * Lightbulb is powered wirelessly via induction * Gently tap the corner of the base to turn the LED light on/off * Shatterproof * Named after the visionary American inventor Buckminster Fuller * Designed in Sweden * EU plug with multi adapter included

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